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A great site, and source of the freeware web editor that I use:

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Mind Stretchers

This is where you can give your brain a workout, and have fun at the same time!

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Click either the links in the left-hand side panel, or the icons below, to go to the following pages:

  • Picture of Star Trek enterpriseDid You Know...
  • This page boldly goes where some remarkable discoverers have gone before, and tries to make sense of the amazing things that they found.
  • Picture of Rodin's The ThinkerPuzzles & Brain Teasers
  • This page is for people who like solving Sudoku and playing puzzle games, with lots of hopefully useful and interesting links.
  • It also contains one of my all-time-favourite logic puzzles (The Lying Blackfoot, The Truthful Whitefoot... and the Random Greyfoot).

  • Picture of Myst gameComputer Games
  • This is about games that involve thinking more than shooting!

  • Picture of compassMore Mind Stretching Stuff...
  • For more mind stretching stuff on this web site, see "related links on this web site" in the right hand panel.
  • Also, please go visit www.arachnoid.com, whose author (Paul Lutus) is a programmer, a pilot, a sailor and a NASA engineer. You don't get to meet a guy like that very often, but his web site is the next best thing. He also wrote Arachnophilia, the free syntax-sensitive editor that I use to develop this web site.
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