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There are intentionally no GoogleAds placed here

Computer Help

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So... What seems to be the problem?

I started programming computers back in 1970, but today it's often a youngster who tells me something new that I really need to know!

The fact is that whether you're young or old, experienced or not, there is a huge amount of stuff to get your head around, and it's growing all the time.

Hopefully everyone will find this section useful. It's a carefully selected set of pointers to really good stuff produced by other people, and just a few tips of my own.

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Click either the links in the left-hand or right-hand side panels, or the icons below, to go to the following pages:

  • Information IconGeneral Information
  • Whether you are an absolute beginner or an expert, this page will point you at information that you need.
  • Picture of rescue operationTrouble-Shooting
  • When you get a problem, "who ya gonna call?"
  • You need forums where you can ask for help, and other places where you can find solutions to your problem.
  • This page will point you in the right direction.

  • Picture of spider's webCreating A Web Site
  • Web pages are text files that follow certain conventions, together with (usually) image files and (sometimes) other media files.
  • A web site is a collection of related web pages located where people can get at them.
  • This page is where you can find information on how to design a good web site, the various ways you can create (edit, assemble) web pages, how to set up a successful blog, and the mechanics of how you move your web files between your local PC and the web server.

  • Input Always Welcome
  • Picture of mailbox I am most interested in any comments, inputs or suggestions that you may have. Please click this icon to e-mail me.
  • I will always answer e-mails (apart from requests for computer trouble-shooting - sorry!).
  • If the result of your e-mail is an update to this site (no promises!) then I will always mention your name/moniker unless you ask me not to.
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